Tech 21

Produktbilde Navn- Pris

Tech 21 Boost Chorus Bass Effects Pedal

'70s-style chorus effects voiced specifically for bass guitar. The evolution of the chorus effect seems to have gotten stuck in '80s pop, along with over-processed guitars, cheesy synths and popped collars. Rest assured, the Tech 21 Boost Chorus...
NOK 2.150,00
Salg: NOK 2.042,50

Tech 21 SansAmp Character Series VT Bass V2 Distortion Bass Effe

Funk, growl, or crunch: The VT Bass stompbox has got your back. The Tech 21 VT Bass SansAmp Character Series Bass Pedal delivers the sound of a tower of power pumping through a stack of 10" speakers. The VT Bass is just the bass pedal for bass...
NOK 1.995,00
Salg: NOK 1.895,25

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